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Hidden Gems: Meet Lauren Simone of L. Simone Company, Public Relations


May 4, 2022

Today we’d like to introduce you to Lauren Simone.

In addition to Shop L. Simone Co. Boutique, I am also the owner of L. Simone Company Public Relations (LSCPR). LSCPR, is a safe space for me to serve and support people that want to start a business. I took the tools and things I learned to help others succeed.

To date, the L. Simone Company, Public Relations has successfully helped over 25 and counting businesses launch their brands. As the CEO & Founder of L.Simone Company, Public Relations, I utilize my extensive background in communications & marketing to provide clients with various digital branding needs. The L. Simone Company, Public Relations values the creation of timeless websites, stunning graphic designs, and sustainable marketing materials for clients looking to launch their platforms. Our Motto is “We Make it Happen”. L. Simone Company, Public Relations ensures each client’s visual representation comes to fruition and gives businesses the opportunity to expand across multiple platforms.

L. Simone Company, Public Relations looks forward to becoming an integral part of your organization’s fabric. Email the address below to request a copy of our FREE Build. Brand. Grow. E-book. Email with the subject line: Free E-Book.

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